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Electrostatic shielding/ screening is the phenomenon of protecting a certain region of space from external electric field. 

We know electric filed inside a conductor is zero. Therefore, to protect delicate instruments from external electric fields we enclose them in hollow conductors. Such hollow conductors are called faraday cages. They need not be earthed.ina thunderstorm accompanied by lightening it is safer to be inside a car or a bus hand to be in the open ground or under a tree etc. the metallic body of the car or bus provides electrostatic shielding from the lightening. The fundamental fact is that electric field inside a cavity is zero, whatever bet he charge on the conductor and the external fields in which it might be placed. That is whatever the charge and field configuration be outside. Any cavity in a conductor remains protected from outside electrical influence. 

Further an earthed conductor AB can also act as a screen against the electric field.

When AB is n to earthed filed of the charged body C due to electrostatic induction continues beyond AB, however when AB is earthed the induced + charge flows to earth and the filed in the region beyond AB disappears, a high voltage generator is usually enclosed in such a cage which is earthed. This would prevent the electrostatic field of the generator from spreading out of the cage. 

The electrostatic shielding has been used in protecting sensitive instruments form outdid electrical influence. The phenomenon has also been used in the design of T.V. cables.

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