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Electrostatic Flux

In some fields of electrostatics, we have learnt the concept of electric field due to a point charges or a distribution of charges. It is represented in terms of a vector quantity E. called electric field intensity in this chapter, we shall learn that electric field can also be represented in terms of a scalper quantity V called electrostatic potential. This concept is of great practical value.

Basically electrostatic potential of a body represents the degree of electrification of the body it determines the direction o flow of charge between two charged bodies placed in contact with each other. The charge always flows from a body at higher potential to another body at lower potential the flow of charge stops as soon as the potentials of the two bodies become equal.

Further, we studied coulomb’s law for calculating electric field intensity. In this chapter an alternative law called gauss’s law is described for calculating electric field intensity of highly symmetric charge distribution. This law enables us to understand more complicated problems in electrostatics. 

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