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Electrostatic Field

When an electric charge q0 is held n the vicinity of another charge Q, then the charge q0 experiences a force of attraction or repulsion. We say that this force is due to electric field set up around the charge Q. thus electric field of charge Q may be conserved as the space property by virtue of which the presence of charge Q modifies the apace around Q landing to the development of a force on any charge q0 held in this space.

We may define electric field due to a given charge as the space around the charge in which electrostatic force of attraction or repulsion due to the charge can be experienced by any other charge, if a test charge experiences no force at a point the electric field at that point (due to some other charge somewhere) must be zero.

The charge Q, which is producing the electric field, is called a source charge and the charge q0 which tests the effect of source charge is called a test charge. The source charge can be a single charge or a group of discrete charges or any continuous distribution of charge. 

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