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Electric Current, Resistance

In this aspect of current electricity, we will study about the charges in motion and the various effects and phenomena related to it.

Suppose two conductors charged to different potentials are supported on in sulfating stands. if they are held at a distance there is no flow of electric charge form one conductor to another though the potential difference exists between them it is due to the fact that the charges on the conductors are separated by air which is an insulator if these charged conductors are connected by a metallic wire, it is found that there is a net flow of charge form the conductor at higher potential to other at lower potential. The flow of charge continues till their electric potentials become equal.

If we maintain the constant potential difference between the two conductors, we get a constant net flow of steady charge in one direction in the metallic wire connecting the two conductors. The net flow of charge in a direction through a metallic wire construes an electric current. The branch of physics which deals with the charge in motion is called current electricity.

The electric currents occur naturally in many situations. For example in case of lightning charges few from the clouds to the earth through the atmosphere, which sometimes procures disastrous results. The flow of charges in lightning is of short duration, resulting a current called transient current. The transient current cease when the flow of charges stops. There are many devices which we use in our duality life, where the charges flow in a steady manner. For example a cell derive clock a torch etc.

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