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Dry Cell

A dry cells is a portable form of a leclanche cell. It consists of zinc vessel which acts as a negative electrode or anode the vassal contains a moist paste of saw duets saturated with a solution of ammonia chloride and zinc chloride.

The ammonium chloride acts as an electrolyte and the purpose of zinc chloride is to maintain the moistness of the paste being highly hygroscopic. The carbon rod covered with a brass cap is placed in the middle of vessel. It acts as positive electrode or cathode. It is surrounded by a closely packed mixture of charcoal and manganese dioxide (MnO2) in a muslin bag. Here MnO2 acts as depolarizer. The zinc vessel is sealed at the top with pitch or shellac. A small hole is provided in it to allow the gases formed by the chemical action to escape. The chemical action inside the cell is the same as in leclanche cell. 

The of dry cell is 1.5V. If this cell is used continuously the polarization defeat may develop in this cell but it remains if allowed to rest for a while. 

End point voltage of a cell. It is the lowest volute a cell can tolerate and still be functional. The end point voltage of dry cell is 0.8V.

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