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The person framing the questionnaire needs a thorough knowledge of the field of enquiry. There is no hard and fast rule for drafting a questionnaire but the following points should be borne in mind.

(i)     The size of the questionnaire should be as small as possible.

(ii)    The questions should be relevant to the purpose of the investigation.

(iii)    Questions should be arranged in a logical sequence,

(iv)   Questions should be simple, clear and unambiguous.

(v)    Personal and sensitive questions should be avoided.

(vi)   Questions should be framed to facilitate the respondent by giving them the questions such as-Multiple choice, Tick-options, True or False etc. In other words, questions should be capable of objective answer.

(vii)   Questionnaires should look attractive.

(viii)  Questions should be framed in conformity with the educational background and mental capacity of the respondents. 

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