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Optical Physics - Diffraction And Polarization

Diffraction And Polarization 

Diffraction and polarization are two most important aspects of the branch of light optics which will be discussed here with many of their important topics in this particular aspect of Physics. Diffraction of light is the phenomena of bending of light around corners of an obstacle or aperture in the path of light. On account of this bending, light penetrates into the geometrical shadow of the obstacle. The light thus deviates from its linear path. This deviation becomes much more pronounced when the dimensions of the aperture or the obstacle are comparable to the wavelength of light. Out of the cases, diffraction is most pronounced when slit width is smallest i.e. a = 1.5 λ. 

Polarization of light

Light is n electromagnetic wave in which electric and magnetic field vectors vary sinusiodally, perpendicular to each other as well as perpendicular to the direction of propagation of wave light.

In common light sources i.e. sun or a bulb, atoms are the elementary radiators of light. As these atoms act independently, light propagated from such sources in a given direction consists of many independent waves whose planes of vibration are randomly oriented about the directions of propagation. Such light waves are said to be unpolarized or polarized randomly.

In principle, each electric field can be resolved into y and z components. We can then find the net electric field along the y-axis and along the z-axis separately. Thus unpolarized light can be thought of as the superposition of two polarized waves whose planes of vibration are perpendicular to each other.  

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