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How Triggers Are Used

Causes complement the normal features of Oracle to offer a very custom made collection control system. For example, a set off can control DML businesses against a desk to those supplied during common enterprise hours. You can also use triggers to:

Automatically produce made line values

Prevent incorrect transactions

Enforce complicated security authorizations

Enforce referential reliability across nodes in a dispersed database

Enforce complicated enterprise rules

Provide obvious occurrence logging

Provide auditing

Maintain synchronous desk replicates

Gather information on desk access

Modify desk information when DML phrases are supplied against views

Publish information about collection activities, person activities, and SQL phrases to following applications

Parts of a Trigger

A set off has three primary parts:

A leading to occurrence or statement

A leading to occurrence or report is the SQL report, collection occurrence, or person occurrence that causes a set off to fireplace. A leading to occurrence can be one or more of the following:

An INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE report on a particular desk (or perspective, in some cases)

A CREATE, ALTER, or DROP report on any schema object

A collection beginning or example shutdown

Particular problem information or any problem message

A person logon or logoff

A set off restriction

A set off stops describes a Boolean concept that must be real for the set off to fireplace. The set off actions is not run if the set off stops assess to fake or unfamiliar. In the example, the set off stops is:

new.parts_on_hand < new.reorder_point

Consequently, the set off does not fireplace unless the variety of available areas is less than a provide reorder quantity.

A set off action

A set off actions is the method (PL/SQL prevent, Coffee application, or C callout) that contains the SQL phrases and value to be run when the following activities occur:

A leading to report is supplied.

The set off stops assess to real.

Like saved processes, a set off actions can:

Contain SQL, PL/SQL, or Coffee statements

Define PL/SQL expressions constructs such as issues, always the same, cursors, and exceptions

Define Coffee expressions constructs

Call saved procedures

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