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D.C.Generator Dynamo

It is a device which is used for producing direct current energy from mechanical energy.

The principle of D.C. generator is the same as that of a.c. generator. The essential parts of d.c generator are also the same as that of generator except the slip ring arrangement. This is repaved bys split rigs or connotation arrangement. R1 and R2 are the two halves of the same metallic ring. The ends of the armature coil are connected to these half rings which rotate along with the armature coil

Working the working of a d.c generator is similar to that of a.c generator and will be clear from the following tow and (b). We assume that to start with plane of the coil is perpendicular to the plane of the paper in which magnetic field is applied.

Let us suppose that the armature coil AB CD is moving in such a way that the arm AB moves inwards and CD moves outwards. Then applying Fleming right hand rule we see that the current flows in the armature as shown in fig (a).

After the armature coil has rotated through it occupies the position as shown in fig 1 now CD is moving inwards and AB is moving hand rule we find that current flows in the armature 

Thus we observe that the direction of the induced and the induced current does not change in the external circuit during one complete rotation of the armature coil, the induced current in the external circuit always flows in the same direction.

As in the case of a.c generator we can show that the magnitude of induced in d.c generator is also 

E = e0 sin w t 

The direction of e is not reversed in the second half cycle as explained in the working. It happens because after half the rotation of the coil, R1 goes in contact with B2 and R2 goes in contact with B1.

The current produced in a simple d.c generator described above is same  this current is unidirectional but its value varies considerably and falls even to zero value twice during each rotating of the coil.

When we use two coils held perpendicular to each other with common ring divided into four segments connected to four ends of the two coils, and the arrangement is orated in magnetic field of same type is induced in both the coils differing in phase by π/2 the resultant or current obtained by superimposition of the two e1 and e2 

Obviously the fluctuations in magnitude of current are greatly reduced.

When we use a number of such coils equally indulines to one another, with the connotation ring divided into as many segments as the total number of ends of the coils then each coil works independently sending its own current into the utter circuit. The resultant current so obtained is shown in the magnitude of resultant current Is almost constant and direction of course is the same. 

The only essential difference between generator and generator is that slip ring arrangements of generator is replaced by split ring arrangement or commutate arrangement in generator.

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