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So far, we have got to know about details designs, details points and the elements of a collection program.

In this model, it is revealed how 'a details design gets into a collection system' and 'how the details get to the users'. More effectively created the following concerns will be answered:

How does a request work together with a collection control system?

How does a customer look at a collection system?

How can a customer problem a collection program and perspective the effects in his/her application?

Database Languages


For talking about information and information components a suitable information tool, an information distinction vocabulary (DDL), is needed. With this help an information structure can be identified and also improved later.

Typical DDL businesses (with their particular key phrases in the set up problem vocabulary SQL):

Creation of tables and definition of attributes (CREATE TABLE ...)

Change of tables by adding or deleting attributes (ALTER TABLE ...)

Deletion of whole table including content (!) (DROP TABLE ...)


In addition a vocabulary for the points of the businesses with information like store, search, go through, change, etc. the so-called information treatment, is needed. Such businesses can be done with an information treatment vocabulary (DML). Within such different languages key phrases like place, change, up-date, remove, pick, etc. are common.

Typical DML operations (with their respective keywords in the structured query language SQL):

Add data (INSERT)

Change data (UPDATE)

Delete data (DELETE)

Query data (SELECT)

Database Interfaces

The request creates with the help of SQL, a problem vocabulary, a problem to the collection program. There, the corresponding reply (result set) is ready and also with the help of SQL given again to the request. This connection can take spot interactively or be included into another vocabulary.

Type and Use of the Database Interface

Following, two essential uses of a collection screen like SQL are listed:


SQL can be used interactively from a fatal.


SQL can be embedded into another language (host language) which might be used to create a database application.

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