Construct The Ex-Circle Of A Triangle, math Assignment Help

Construction - Construct The Ex-Circle Of A Triangle, math

Construction: Draw the ex-circle of a ?PQR in which PQ = 5 cm, ?P = 700 and ?Q = 60o, touching the sides PQ and other two sides when produced.


Steps of Construction: 
1.    Draw a line segment PO = 5 cm. 
2.    At Q draw an angle 60o with OR and at P construct an angle of 70o with PQ intersecting each other at R. 
3.    Draw the bisector of ∠BQP and ∠APQ intersecting each other at O. 

4.    Through O draw OO ⊥ PQ. 

5.    Draw a circle with centre O and radius as OO touching the side PQ and other side QR and PR when produced.


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