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When the capabilities of databases are combined with object-oriented programming capabilities, the result is a system object-oriented database management (OODBMS). OODBMS allows programmers to develop object-oriented product, store them as objects, and copy or modify existing objects to create new objects in OODBMS. Because the database is integrated with the programming language programmer can maintain consistency within an environment that OODBMS and programming languages will use the same model of representation. Relational DBMS projects, however, maintain a clear separation between data model and applications.

As the use of Web technology increases with the implementation of intranets and extranets, companies have a vested interest in the OODBMS to display complex data. The use of a DBMS that has been specifically designed to store data as objects gives an advantage to companies that are oriented towards a multimedia presentation or organizations using computer-aided design (CAD).

Some databases are object-oriented language designed to work with object-oriented programming such as Delphi, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, C #, Visual Basic NET, C + +, Objective-C and Smalltalk. Others have their own programming languages. OODBMSs use exactly the same pattern as the language of object-oriented programming.

ODBMS Characteristics

Housing: two points of view, a programming language and database to examine the regulation of view. Encapsulation is the representation of the data object, its properties and methods defined in processing information objects. In this, the activities are data objects are visible, but the data and the implementation of these objects are hidden.

Types and classes: Type refers in particular to the object-choice system, which consists of two parts, the user interface and implementations. Generally visible to user interfaces and implementations are hidden class is a template to create a certain type of objects to their implementations. The new objects can be created by making new use category.

Inheritance: It is very important feature of the database object; it gives the hierarchical relationships between different objects at different levels and gives the code reusability. It helps factoring out shared implementations and specifications in the system. They are different types of heritage as a legacy of forced substitution inheritance, legacy integration and legacy of specialization.

Complex objects: complex objects are built using the basic objects, such as integer, string, real, booleans.There are a variety of complex data objects, such as arrays, lists, indexes, double; etc.We can define methods to address these new complex types.

Object Identity: This is a very important issue in the database; each object is uniquely identified from the entire database or similar forms objects. Each object has a unique identity, and we can access and modify an object using same. It is a variable name or physical address space in memory.

Scalability: A database system has its own set of predefined data types that we can use to write new types, and there is no difference in usage between what the system, and we have written, but there may be significant differences in the way both are supported.

Recovery from catastrophic failures

The term is most commonly used for design breakdowns, but has often been prolonged to many other exercises where complete and irrecoverable reduction takes place. Such breakdowns are researched using the methods of forensic technological innovation, which aspires to identify the cause or causes of problems.

A huge problem is a quick and complete problem of some system from which restoration is extremely hard. Catastrophic breakdowns often lead to flowing systems problems.

Examples of huge problems of manufactured components include:

The Tay Track Fill problems of 1879, where the middle half distance of the bridge was absolutely damaged while a train was spanning in weather. The bridge was horribly designed and its replacing was built as an individual construction upstream of the old.

The problems of the Southern Pay Dam in 1889 introduced 4.8 million US gallons of water and wiped out over 2,200 persons (popularly known as the Johnstown Flood).

The problems of the St. Francis Dam in 1928 introduced 12 million US gallons of water, creating a recognized passing price of 385 persons.

The fall of the first Tacoma Becomes smaller fill of 1940, where the main outdoor patio of the road bridge was totally damaged by energetic moaning in a 40 mph wind.

The De Havilland Comet problems of 1954 later motivated to be design breakdowns due to unexpected steel tiredness at the crevices of block windows used by the Comet 1.

The 62 Banqiao Public works problems event in the Far East in 1975, due to Storm Nina. Around 86,000 persons passed away from surging and another 145,000 passed away during following disease, complete of 231,000 large.

The Hyatt Regency path fall of 1981, where a stopped path in a resort reception zeros absolutely, eliminating many persons on the construction and those below.

The Room Taxi Enemy of 1986, in which an O-ring of the bomb enhancer unsuccessful, and the entire vehicle was lost.

The fireplace at the Chernobyl Fischer problems, which increased in 1986 and induced considerable pollutants of radioactive materials.

The fall of the Warsaw stereo mast of 1991, which had up to that position used the subject of global highest construction.

The attack and following fireplace at the World Trade Heart on October Eleventh, 2001 is thought to have damaged the floor joist to the position of huge problems.

The Room Taxi the Philippines of 2003, where damage to a side induced at take-off led to complete reduction on re-entry.

The complete fall of the multi-span I-35W Ms Stream Fill on May 1, 2007


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