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The possibility of consulting

Research is a process requires the attributes from different angles and combinations of factors. Example: "How many cars with 2 ports in Texas are green?" The language database query and report writer, users can query the database interactively, analyze the data and update them based on user access rights to data.

Backup and replication

Copies of the attributes are done on a regular basis, if the primary disks or other devices fail. Copy periodic attributes to create an organization that far can be easily used in the original. DBMS usually provide utilities to facilitate the recovery process and distribute the attribute. When data is replicated between database servers, so that information remains consistent throughout the database system and users cannot tell or even know which server they are using the DBMS, the system is said to show transparency Replication.

The application of the rule

Often, you want to apply the rules of the attributes so that the attributes are clean and reliable. For example, we have a rule that says each car can have only one engine associated with it (to identify the number of the motor). If someone tries to add a second engine in a particular machine, we want the DBMS to deny such a request, and display an error message. However, changes to the specifications of the model, as in this example, hybrid gas-electric cars, may require change. Ideally, these rules should be added and removed, if necessary, without significant data layout redesign.


For security reasons, it is desirable to limit who can view or modify certain properties or groups of attributes. This can be ordered directly on an individual basis, or by transfer of individuals and privileges to groups, or (in the most elaborate models) through the allocation of individuals and groups to roles which are then assigned rights.


Shared accounts are asked to calculate attribute, summed up, on average, sorting, grouping, cross references, and so on. Instead, each computer application implement these from scratch, they can rely on the DBMS for the provision of such calculations.

Change and access logging

This describes what attributes are displayed, which has been changed, and when it was changed. Registration services allow this by keeping track of access to events and changes.

Automated optimization

For frequent usage patterns or requests, some DBMS adjust to improve the speed of these interactions. In some cases, the DBMS will merely provide tools to monitor the results as a human expert to make the necessary adjustments after reviewing the data collected.

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