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Control Engineering: The study of control engineering involves the design of products, engineering products and system where requirement is controlled by some quantity, example temperature of a room, speed of electric motor or position of electric motor. To perform this there is required to know the value of quantity being controlled. It is called “open loop manner” where predefined knowledge has been build up that what is input and what output will be produced from given input.

The concept of controller design is based on open loop frequency response, used in control engineering by designers who are using at sketching bode diagram. Today numerical approaches are used to solve problems of optimizing controller parameters to achieve specific performance criteria. We use MATLAB program which is based on linear system theory and SIMULINK. These methods are appropriate industrial design methods. The mathematical models that are used and discussed are transfer function, linear differential equation and state space representation.

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We cover topics in control engineering

1. What is control engineering?


2. Mathematical Model Representation of Linear Dynamic System
   a. The Laplace Transform and Transfer Functions
   b. State Space Representations
   c. Mathematical Models in MATLAB
   d. Interconnecting Models in MATLAB


3. Transfer Functions and Their Responses
   a. Step Responses for Some Transfer Functions
   b. Response to a Sinusoid


4. Frequency Response and Their Plotting (Bode Diagram, Nyquist Plot & Nichols Plot)
5. The Basic Feedback Loop
6. Analysis of Closed Loop System
7. Classical Controller Design
8. Parameter Optimization for Fixed Controllers
9. State Space Methods
10. Linear Quadratic Regulator Problems
11. State Variable Feedback for Standard Forms
12. Transfer Function for Complex Poles