Laws of Equivalence, Normality Equation, Milliequivalents

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Law of Equivalence

For a chemical reaction:

aA + bB -> cC + dD

Equivalent of A = Equivalent of B = Equivalent of C = Equivalent of D

Law of Equivalence Assignment Help

where n, and M is n factor, molecular mass of ith species,

If the reaction is carried out in solution, then NAVA = NBVB = NCVC = NDVD or nAMAVA = nBMBVB = nCMCVC = nDMDVD

Normality Equation

NN1 = NN2

Gram equivalent of acid = Gram equivalent of base (if volume in L)


MiUiequivalents = Normality x volume (in ml)

For a given solution, number of equivalents per litre is same as the number of milliequivalents per ml, Moles, millimoles, equivalent, milli equivalent of solute does not change on dilution.

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