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Equivalent weight of an element can be calculated using the composition of the compound of the given element with any other element whose equivalent weight is known by the knowledge of the law of equivalence.

This law states that one equivalent of an element combines with one equivalent of the other.

Hence, the equivalent weight of an element is the weight of its mole combining with one equivalent of another element.

In general, equivalent weight = (Molecular mass or atomic mass )/(n-factor)

We can easily calculate equivalent weight if we know proper idea about n-factor. n-factor varies for element, salt, acid, base and redox as well as disproportion nation reaction,

(i) Equivalent weight of element = (Atomic weight)/(Valency of element)

(ii) Equivalent weight of acid = (Molecular weight of acid )/(Basicity of te acid (Moles of H+ ion furnished in solution))

(iii) Equivalent weight of base = (Molecualar weight of base)/(Acidity of the base (Moles of OH- ion fumished in solution))

(iv) E (salt)=(Molecular weight ofsalt)/(Moles of metal atoms x valency of metal(total number of cations or anions))

Note: In case of hydrated salt mass of water is included but not the number of H+ ion.

(v) Equivalent weight of oxidizing and reducing agent = (Molecular mass)/(Number of electrons lost or gained by one mole reagent)

or change in oxidation number per mole of the oxidising or reducing agent

(vi) Equivalent weight of an ion =(Formula weight )/(Change on ion )

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