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Introduction to Taxonomy Biology and Its Classification

Taxonomy is a word that is taken from the Ancient Greek word called taxis which means arrangement and nomia which means method. It is the science and practice of classification of living beings. Taxonomy uses taxonomic units which are known as taxa. A taxonomic scheme is a particular classification that is arranged in a hierarchical structure. This is typically organized by super type-subtype relationships, which are also called generalization-specialization relationships, or less formally called as parent-child relationships. In such an inheritance relationship, the subtype by definition has the same behaviors, constraints and properties, as the super type plus one or more additional behaviors, properties, or constraints. Originally taxonomy used to refer to only to the classification of organisms. It is now also used to refer a classification of concepts or things, as well as to the principles behind such a classification. It is the science which deals with the study of grouping, identifying and naming of organisms according to their established natural relationship.

Everything including animate objects, inanimate objects, concepts, places, properties, events, and relationships may be classified according to some taxonomic scheme.

The term taxonomy is also sometimes applied to relationship schemes rather than parent-child hierarchies like network structures with other types of relationships. If that is the case, then they might include single children with multi-parents. Taxonomy may also be a simple organization of kinds of things into groups. The term vocabulary however, is more appropriate for such a list. In the current usage within Knowledge Management, taxonomies are considered to be narrower than ontologies as ontologies apply a larger variety of relation types.

A hierarchical taxonomy is mathematically a tree structure of classifications for a given set of objects. It is also called as Containment hierarchy. Right at the top of this structure is a single classification, called the root node, which applies to all the objects. The nodes below this root are more exact classifications that apply to the subsets of the total set of the classified objects. The progress of reasoning proceeds from general to the more specific ones.

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