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The study of the process by which organisms grow and develop is known as developmental biology. And modern developmental biology deals with the genetic control of cell growth, morphogenesis and differentiation. Morphogenesis is the process that gives rise to organs, tissues, anatomy. Aside from the sex cells which are called as gametes, every cell within an organism includes accurately the identical genetic code. So a cell developing into a liver cell or a brain cell depends not on which genes it has, but on which genes are permitted to be expressed. The development of different patterns and forms inside an organism, plus the production of several different and very specialized cells, is a trouble of control, through genes being turned on and off according to the stage of development achieved by the organism.

The development of a new life is an amazing procedure and signifies a masterpiece of spatial and temporal control of gene expression and appearance. Developmental genetics is concerned with the effect which genes have in a phenotype, certain normal or abnormal epigenetic parameters. The outcomes of developmental biology can assist to realize developmental irregularities for instance chromosomal aberrations that are the source of Down syndrome. So a perception of the specialization of cells during embryogenesis has given information on how stem cells specialize into specific organs or tissues. This information has led us to the cloning of specific organs for various medical purposes. An additional biologically significant process that takes place during development is apoptosis, which is programmed cell death or suicide. A lot of developmental models are utilized to make clear the molecular basis and physiology of this cellular process. Likewise, a deeper understanding of developmental biology can encourage better progress in the treatment of congenital diseases and disorders for example learning human sex determination could guide to treatment for disorders like congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

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