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Cell biology is that field of biology science that deals with the study of cells, their properties, structure, relations with their environment, the organelles they hold, their life phase, division, death etc. The phrase cell biology was formerly known as cytology and it is derived from the Greek word kytos which means container. Cell biology is concerned with microscopic as well as molecular level. This particular field research includes the vast diversity of single-celled organisms such as protozoa and bacteria as well as the many specialized and developed cells in multicellular organisms like humans. All biological sciences’ fundamental is to know the components of cells and the working process of the cells. Understanding the resemblances and dissimilarities between cell types is predominantly significant to the fields of molecular and cell biology in addition to biomedical fields for example developmental biology and cancer research. These elementary similarities and dissimilarities offer a combining theme, occasionally allowing the principles learned from studying one cell type to be generalized and extrapolated to other cell types. For that reason, investigation and research in cell biology is intimately related to biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, developmental biology and immunology.

Cells could be observed underneath the microscope. And this includes the Transmission Electron Microscope, Optical Microscope, Fluorescence Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope etc. There are quite a few different methodologies exist to study cells as given bellow:

1) Cell culture is the fundamental method of mounting and growing cells in a laboratory which is independent of an organism.
2) Another method is known as Immunostaining which is a specialized histological technique used to localize proteins in tissue slices or cells. Immunostaining needs the reaction of an antibody directed in opposition to the protein of interest inside the cell or tissue.

3) Computational genomics’ task is to get patterns in genomic information

4) DNA microarrays recognize variations in transcript levels between several experimental conditions.

5) Gene knockdown metamorphoses a chosen gene.

6) In situ hybridization illustrates which cells are conveying a specific RNA transcript.

7) PCR could be used to decide how many copies of a gene are there in a cell.

8) Transfect8) Transfection sets up a new gene into a cell, typically an expression construct.

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