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Biotechnology is a branch of applied biology that includes the study of use of living organisms and the study of bioprocesses in technology, medicine, engineering and other bio products. Modern use of biotechnology involves generic engineering and cell & tissue culture technologies.

The concept of biotechnology encompasses a wide range of techniques and procedures for modifying living organisms according to human purposes. It draws on the pure biological science includes microbiology, animal cell, genetics, molecular biology, embryology, biochemistry, cell biology and other instances outside the biology that involves chemical engineering, information technology, bioprocess engineering, biorobotics and etc.

Biotechnology has many different applications in industrial area. The four major industrial areas are crop production & agriculture, health care (medical), environmental uses and non food uses of crop and products like vegetable oil, bio fuels, biodegradable plastics etc.

There are several branches of biotechnology; some of these are bioinformatics, blue biotechnology, green biotechnology, red biotechnology and white biotechnology.

Bioinformatics is concerned in various areas; some of these are structural genomics and proteomics, functional genomics and forms a key component in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical areas.

Blue biotechnology describes the aquatic and marine applications of biotechnology. Green biotechnology is concerned with agricultural processes. Red biotechnology is concerned with medical processes. White biotechnology is concerned with industrial processes.

In medicine, modern biotechnology is used in following in area given below
Drug production
Gene therapy
Genetic testing

Biotechnology is also concerned with agriculture engineering.

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