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Energy is required for working of the all living cells. Branch of science that deals with energy kinetics of living systems is known as Bioenergetics. Energy is often defined as bring about a change in matter or capacity to do work. It exists in several forms- radiant, electrical, mechanical, thermal, potential, and chemical. Energy is present in either living or non living matter. Physical phenomena and chemical reaction cannot occur without the use of energy. According to the first law of thermodynamics ’’Energy is neither created nor destroyed it is just changed from one form to other form’’.

Energy changes

In nature, there are two types of energy changes occur that is energy transfer or energy transformation. Both the types of energy occur continuously in living cells.

(a) Energy Transfer-It is the transfer of energy from one area, substance or source to another in same form. For example, respiratory substrate is contains chemical energy, that present in bonds amongst its atoms. The energy that present in its bonds is released during the respiration. The same energy is trapped during synthesis of ATP from ADP or inorganic phosphate.

(b) Energy transformations-It is the conversion of one form of energy into another. The most important energy transformation in the biosphere is the conversion of light and radiant energy into chemical energy during the photosynthesis. The whole world is depends upon this transformation for its existence.

Some Examples of energy transfer or transformations

(1) During sleep

The requirement of energy is small during sleep due to non activity of body. However, many body processes are going on during sleep also. They include blood circulation, digestion, breathing, maintenance, repair, growth or development of the body. Energy is obtained through respiration that involves breakdown of food molecules. The released energy is called chemical energy. It is temporarily stored in the form of ATP molecules. Chemical energy is transformed into heat for maintaining the body temperature. It is changed into mechanical energy for muscle contraction or electric energy for conduction of nerve impulses. Some of the chemical energy is used for absorption of digested food, its assimilation, storage of food or formation of new biochemicals.

(2) Healing

Healing involves the formation of new cells. This occurs when there is great deal of anabolic activity, consisting of production of more protoplasm or division of existing cells. Naturally more materials or energy are required. Chemical energy is obtained from the food materials by the process of respiration.

(3) Exercise

Energy is use for performing exercise. It comes from respiration in which food materials are broken down into carbon-di-oxide or water. The chemical energy is stored temporarily in the ATP. Sufficient energy is lost as heat form. Chemical energy of ATP is changed into electric energy for the conduction of nerve impulses.

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