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The Matrix Laboratory means MATLAB is a programming language and numerical computing environment which can be used solving matrix problems, manipulation of matrix, plotting data & functions, implementation of algorithms, interfacing with other language programs like C, C++ etc.

MATLAB is primarily indicated for numerical computing; additional toolbox that can be used as MuPAD symbolic engine that allows symbolic computing capabilities. MATLAB has wide range of applications in different backgrounds i.e. Engineering, Science, Economics, Math etc. You can use MATLAB in image processing, signal processing, control design, measurement and test, financial analysis, financial modeling, computational biology and numerical computation etc.

MATLAB – Numerical Computation

MATLAB follows statistical, mathematical and engineering functions to support science and all engineering operations. These functions are developed in math and these are the fundamental part of MATLAB. The math functions use the LAPACK & BLAS linear algebra subroutine libraries and FFTW Discrete Fourier Transform.

MATLAB can be used for performing mathematical operations

1. Matrix Manipulation
2. Linear Algebra
3. Data Analysis
4. Polynomials
5. Statistics
6. Optimization & Numerical Integration
7. Ordinary Differential Equations
8. Partial Differential Equations
9. Sparse Matrix Operations
10. Arithmetic Operations

MATLAB can be used in other application as

11. Developing Algorithms & Applications
12. Analyzing & Accessing Data
13. Visualizing Data
14. Deploying Application and Publishing Results
15. Interface with other programming languages

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