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Read about vitamins and minerals in the Zimmerman and Snow text, pgs. 21-24, and then conduct further research to learn about the differences in classification between the two micronutrient categories and within the categories. Answer the following questions:

  • Explain how vitamins and minerals are classified?  What are some of the differences between these two groups of micronutrients?
  • Then explain the difference within each of the the categories.  There are four( 2 for vitamins and 2 for minerals) that you should differentiate.  What are the differences between the subcategories of these micronutrients? Be specific here. 
  • Give3 examples from each classification(4 groups) for a total of 12 examples. So 3 examples of fat-soluble, 3 examples of water-soluble, etc, etc...
  • Describe(don't list) the primary function in our bodies for each of your examples, all 12 examples.

Reference no: EM131390524

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