Xplain the structural and functional aspects of the alveolus

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1. Explain the structural and functional aspects of the alveolus and bronchus and how they work together in the respiratory system. Identify at least two diseases that can affect these structures.

2. Discuss the diseases GERD and COPD. Identify what each eponym stands for, the system that each affects, how they are treated, and the type of specialist that treats them.

Reference no: EM13820650

How mistake in dna replication resulted in change amino acid

How would a mistake in DNA replication resulted in a change in a amino acid (His 208 Tyr) of the Mc1r protein from a hisidine to a tyrosine in Sceloporus undulates, resultin

What is the structure and function of chloroplasts

Assume that, during biological research, it became possible to incorporate fully functional chloroplasts into the basal layer of our epidermal skin cells. Knowing the structur

Effect of exercise on cells

In the video on the effect of exere on cells, it was pointed out that people who exercised regularly had younger cells. The researchers looked for a marker in volunteer's bl

Find a gene with a very low expectation value

I identify a gene in plants and then use BLAST to search for related genes in GenBank. In my BLAST search, I find a gene with a very low Expectation value (E value) in anima

Trace the path of electron from its origins atthe reaction

Trace the path of an electron from its origins atthe reaction center of photosystem II to its final electronacceptor at the end of photosystem I. Be able to name the mainmol

Before the human genome was sequenced

Before the human genome was sequenced, it was believed that thehuman genome consisted of between 80,000-100,000 different genes. This is basedon the fact that there are appr

In the signal transduction lecture

In the signal transduction lecture , we established that the BCR-ABL translocation creates a membrane bound receptor with constitutive kinase activity. What defect is associ

Describe what you would see in an electron

Pompe's disease is one of a class of lysosomal storage diseases in which one or more enzymes that are normally found in the lysosomes are defective or absent. In Pompe's dis


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