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Task- Calculator App

Need a Calculator app inside the HTML5 <Canvas> element using vanilla JavaScript. It must perform basic arithmetic operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Use Visual Studio Community* as the IDE. To download Visual Studio:



1. The calculator only accepts numbers between -9999.99 and 9999.99
2. Internal calculations should truncate extra digits after the second decimal digit
3. Internal calculations should throw an error when the calculated number is out of range, and display it on the screen
4. The sign can be changed at any time when a number is entered
5. The display can be cleared at any time
6. Consecutive calculations are allowed before clearing the display


1. Calculator app
2. Visual Studio project
3. UML
4. Any additional supporting documentation

Task 2 - Unit Test Framework

Write Unit tests for the Calculator app developed in Task 1. Design Test Cases must utilize requirements for application. You can choose to use any of the Black Box techniques that you think will be best for this case. The Unit tests should be performed with Chutzpah* employing Jasmine*.


1. The Test Cases must be implemented in Visual Studio using JavaScript.
2. Add Unit test modules to be able to separate execution of your tests in the Visual Studio Test Explorer.
3. Document code
4. Use Data Driven testing as necessary
5. Supporting documentation explaining chosen techniques.


1. Test Plan
2. Test Case Design document
3. Supporting documentation of why Test Design Techniques were chosen
4. Visual Studio project
5. Any additional supporting documentation.

Reference no: EM131077469

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