Write the velocity potential f and stream function c

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Superimpose a uniform ?ow parallel to the x-axis of 10 m=s and a source at the origin of strength ¼ 10p m2/s.

(a) Write the velocity potential f and stream function c.

(b) Locate any stagnation points.

(c) Sketch the body formed by the streamline that separates the source ?ow from the uniform ?ow.

(d) Locate the positive y-intercept of the body of (c).

(e) Determine the thickness of the body of (c) at ¼ -1.

Reference no: EM13886448

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ME 475 Mechanical Behavior of Materials Assignment. Obtain approximate values of fracture toughness KIc and yield strength σo for A533B steel at temperatures of - 150oC and +1

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A steam turbine has an inlet of 2 kg/s water at 1000 kPa, 350oC and velocity of 15 m/s. The exit is at 100 kPa, x = 1 and very low velocity. Find the specific work and the p

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