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1. My Theory: The theory I chose to identify with is Person-Centered Theory. When Carl Rogers developed the person-centered approach to therapy, his aim was to focus on the client and developing an encouraging, non judgemental and positive environment for the client. This environment makes it easier for the client to become comfortable and open up to the therapist and themselves by bringing to the surface various repressed feelings. Rogers believes that people are trustworthy, have potential for understanding themselves and resolving their own problems and self-directed growth if they are in a specific kind of therapeutic relationship (Corey 2017). Providing a safe and comforting therapeutic environment potentially helps the client come to terms with themselves and things that need to be worked on.

What resonates with me most about this type of therapeutic approach is when the therapist shows realness, understanding, support and doesn't judge, changes in the client are most likely to occur (Corey 2017). I agree with this completely, considering human beings achieve personal and social growth through comfort, support and positive regard. Roger's view on human nature involves realness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard to the client is what helps them become more open to themselves and the world around them. Through this approach, the client can develop their own resources for change and act on them. A lot of individuals avoid therapy because they have a fear of opening up; I believe this approach makes it easier for individuals struggling with this.

2. Aspects of Theory Least Attractive: As there isn't many things I don't agree with about this theory, there are a few things I would do differently. In Roger's approach, he believes that the therapist's attitude, rather than their knowledge and theories, facilitate personality change in clients (C. Rogers, 1961). To a certain extent, this could be completely accurate. On the other hand, it could merely depend on the individual receiving treatment. Some people show gradual improvement through the therapist's knowledge and technique, as well as the attitude. Everybody has a different way of viewing things, so some couldn't solely grasp the therapist's attitude. Another aspect of the theory that doesn't attract me is turning technique into actual practice with certain cultures. People from different cultures have different ways of viewing what's ethical/moral and may have a difficult time communicating with a therapist solely through attitudes.

3. Apply Preferred Theory to Case: Looking at Ms A's situation, she doesn't have much time for a social life. With the family struggles she has experienced over the years with her mother and brother getting sick, she may be keeping a busy schedule to avoid dealing with her situation. Having two jobs and and barely seeing her family is starting to affect her performance in general, as well as relationships with her family, friends, and community. Ms A clearly is content with the salary from her job, but it doesn't fill the void when it comes to her happiness. Being constantly stressed, Ms A feels as if she is getting nowhere in life and making no progress.

In the person-centered approach, the therapist could assume Ms A has a lot of built up anger and frustration she continues to hold inside and direct towards a busy lifestyle. She feels as if keeping busy will lessen the problems, but they don't seem to go away. She refuses to confront the anger and sadness from her mother's death and her brother's sickness, causing her to experience emotional pain and life dissatisfaction. Another cause for her feelings of worthlessness could be the fact she cannot bear children and has tried. Burying these issues leads to overall unhappiness.

4. Additional Information for Therapist: Some additional information a therapist practicing in the person-centered framework would find useful is providing a comforting, empathetic and non judgemental environment for the client to open up. It seems as if Ms A hasn't opened up or discussed her feelings of distress to family or friends, which makes her feel alone. Offering an environment for Ms A to share her feelings will make her one step closer to facing her fears and accepting the things she cannot change, while at the same time focusing on repairing damaged relationships with her family and friends.

The therapist should promote self-awareness and reflection to Ms A in order for her to achieve personal growth through her own resources. Ms A needs to accept and be fully aware of her present situation and obstacles blocking her from her growth. With awareness, Ms A will gradually learn to make necessary changes to save her marriage and mental stability. The therapist could suggest in a calm manner for Ms A not be so hard on herself with her busy schedule. With practicing self-awareness, the therapist will learn more about Ms A and be able to provide a necessary approach to helping her overcome these obstacles.


Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Pacific Grove CA: Cengage Learning.

Reference no: EM131335598

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