Write the lede paragraph or the lede in the script
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Please provide me an outline of the story, with one or two sentences (only) for each of the following elements, if they are present. From these paragraphs, I ought to be able to get a gist of the story, and a roadmap of where--and how--it went.

1. Who is the main character or characters: (not by name but by brief description)

2. Initial conflict/problem/tension:

3. Turning point, new complication, or point of inspiration

4. Resolution of initial conflict/problem/tension

5. Visual scenes that further the narrative.

6. Snippet of most effective dialogue

7. Describe the narrative line, that is, how does the story evolve? Chronologically? Geographically? Through some other journey?

8. Write the lede paragraph, or the lede in the script.

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