Write the equation of motion for the system

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A block of mass M1 = 5 kg is attached to a spring with a spring constant k = 20 N/m and rests on a frictionless horizontal surface. A wad of clay with mass M2 = 2 kg traveling at a speed of v = 14 m/s hits and sticks to the block.

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Find the frequency and amplitude of the subsequent simple harmonic oscillations.

Write the equation of motion for the system.

Draw a graph for the displacement as a function of time for this mass-spring system. Label the axes and scale the drawing accurately to show the period and amplitude.

How much time does it take for the spring to compress x = 1.5 meters from equilibrium for the first time?

Reference no: EM13986541

Determine the work through the piano

A 50 g Super Ball travelling at 28 m/s bounces off a brick wall and rebounds at 18 m/s. A high-speed camera records this event. If the ball is in contact with wall for 5 ms,

At what frequehcy would you expect resonant behavior

A mass of 0.5 kg is suspended from a spring, which stretches by 8 cm. The support from which the spring is suspended is set into sinusoidal motion. At what frequehcy would y

Find the separation in time between arrivals of two pulses

A hammer strikes one end of a thick steel rail of a length 8.50 m. A microphone located at the opposite end of the tail detects two pulses of sound, Find the separation in t

Assume all temperatures to be exact

Assume all temperatures to be exact. Ice (initially at 0 ) is added to 0.50L of tea at 18C to make the coldest possible iced tea. If enough ice is added so the final mixture i

Timekeeping of old clock is regulated by brass pendulum

The timekeeping of an old clock is regulated by a brass pendulum 20.0 cm long. If the clock is accurate at 20C but is in a room at 18 C, how long will it be before the clock i

How fast is dan going as his feet hit the ground

Dan is gliding on his skateboard at 3.76m/s . He suddenly jumps backward off the skateboard, kicking the skateboard forward at 8.02m/s, How fast is Dan going as his feet hit

Calculate the combined mass of pluto and charon

Using Newton's Version of Kepler's Third Law II Part A Pluto's moon Charon orbits Pluto every 6.4 days with a semimajor axis of 19,700 kilometers. Calculate the combined mas

What is the angular velocity of the disk

A solid disk rotates in the horizontal plane at an angular velocity of 0.0647 rad/s with respect to an axis perpendicular to the disk at its center. what is the angular velo


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