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Assignment : Positive Messages

Assignment: Write the direct response to the complaint found below. Your content should be organized in the direct style and respond positively to the customer's complaint.

Format: For this letter, you will need to design a complete letterhead with the necessary components to identify your company. Font TNR 12, single spaced, double space between paragraphs. Length - One page.

You will have to make up the letter head information for Stix Furniture and the recipient's address. You are the president of the company. Sign the letter using my name(Zhiying Mu) and the title given.

See Figure a, titled Customer Adjustment Letter, for an example of a Business Letter in Block Style. Also consult Figure b for more formatting information. They are below.

2134_figure a.jpg

2384_figure b.jpg

Directions: Respond to Mr. Badenuf's complaint along the lines of sympathy, freebies, and reassurance that your company does not wish to lose customers. Are his requests reasonable in light of his complaint? Your decision should be reflected in your response.

The Complaint:

Dear President of Stix Furniture:

Please waive your delivery fee to supply me with a console table free of defects. I have already paid for the table and expect better service than I have received so far from your company.

Three tables have been sent to me, and three times, the same issue occurred of cheap wooden legs that cracked when I attached them. Three replacements seem extreme since customers expect pristine condition of their goods the first time.

On May 15, I visited the store in Toledo, Ohio, to ask for help. The staff and manager of that store are just great. They understood my frustration and offered to replace the entire table; I accepted their offer. When the manager called your corporate office to arrange the replacement, he was told to charge me $75.00 for delivery of the new table. The representative at the corporate office had been told of the three sets of cracked table legs, but insisted the delivery fee was still to be charged.

The manager of the Toledo store has offered to assemble the table for me, but he is unable to reverse the delivery fee. In essence, I have to pay an extra $75.00 on top of the purchase price, just so your product will be supplied in new condition. That charge is not a fair one.
I can assure you I will never purchase so much as a splinter from you in the future, and I will do my best to advertise your poor customer service and quality of furniture through online complaint sites and negative Facebook advertising.

Please supply me, without any more fees, the table I already purchased.


Victor Badenuf

Victor Badenuf

Reference no: EM131149296

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