Write the code required to analyse and display the data
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Using an appropriate C syntax, write the code required to analyse and display the data as per the problem description.

The order of the C Program should be as follows:

Variables and constants

  • Use #define statements to define the constants
  • Use arrays to store the data, average values, average map and counts

Read Data

  • Read each individual data item from the file using an appropriate method into a two dimensional array
  • Close the file when finished


  • Calculate and store the average for each row and column.
  • Determine and store the values for the Average Map
  • Calculate the counts for each row and column in the Average Map where the value is 1, 0 or -1
  • Display the Average Map and counts
  • Develop a method to identify if any count for a row or column results in rejecting the sheet of material
  • Search and report if the sheet is defective

NOTE : Ensure you use appropriate and efficient use of variables and constants in your design.  I may wish to change the symbols used to reflect the outcome of  #,*,$ instead of 1,0,-1 and as a consequence I should only change this in one cell to reflect the change throughout the code.

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