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Write review on article with 2 APA references.

Unauthorized access is the key issue of each commercial organization and association. Today, data and security breaches are also in trend as several hackers use many strategies to access the confidential data and information of an organization.

Security experts typically state to many vulnerabilities through a combination of the susceptible software name with real vulnerability. If it's a vulnerability, investigators may also augment in the exclusive CVE amount. "Heartbleed, Shellshock and POODLE" are some security vulnerabilities, don't fall in the usual vulnerability-naming procedure.

These issues affect the security of the system, data, assets, and resources of an organization. There are several challenges and opportunities that I face as a security professional.

Some of these challenges are given below: Challenges: E-commerce necessities Information and data security outbreaks Immature data and information safety market data security operate shortage business regulations and administration laws Mobile staff with computing Opportunities: New and advanced security products and systems originate on to the market on a regular foundation.

For example, "cloud computing" provides a small commercial data storage only once an organization needs it.

This signifies the organization doesn't have to purchase servers and many other tools that will not be used to their ability. The data and information is secure also backed up through the outside corporation. The money protected could be placed towards additional new security events and measures.

Today, several new and advanced security methods are there that becomes very beneficial opportunities for security experts (Christiansen, Bryan, & Agnieszka, 2018). As per biblical principals, there are several terms regarding cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

For example, "Do not steal is one of God's Commandments to His people." As "Christian cybersecurity professionals," not only prepare we not snip, but we also avert theft through protecting information and data systems.

We discover the vulnerabilities in such systems also then precise them before offenders recognize the susceptibilities and feat them. As per my view, these breaches can get worse in future with the help of several new and advanced security methods, for example, IDS, CIA triad, authentication and authorization (Sudweeks & Romm, 2012).

References Christiansen, Bryan, P., & Agnieszka. (2018).

Global Cyber Security Labor Shortage and International Business Risk . IGI Global. Sudweeks, F., & Romm, C. T. (2012). Doing Business on the Internet: Opportunities and Pitfalls . Springer Science & Business Media.

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Reference no: EM132280110

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