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Question: Post a 3-5 sentence response to the below discussion question answer. Must have citations and with references in apa format:

"Evidence-based practice simply refers to combining research, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to reach a health care decision - it emphasizes the use of the highest-quality information and deemphasizes the use of customs, opinions, or rituals to make a clinical judgment (DeCapua, 2019)." Because evidence-based practices encompass combining information from many different sources, including quality improvement and research, using the results from this would determine the best treatment for the patient. Because of this, providing care with EBP would be providing the patient with care that is safe, effective, and compassionate.

Nursing Managers, on the other hand, play a major role in a unit-based culture in which nursing practice is guided by evidence (Fisher & Sheeron, 2014). The role of the nurse manager is to encourage and support the clinical nurses working on the floor and develop a spirit of inquiry, seek answers to their clinical questions using EBP, and advance their clinical performance to improve patient outcomes (Caramanica & Spiva, 2018). This can be difficult as nurse managers still have to be able to perform their role responsibilities and attend to the demands of the unit while still supporting their nurses. Today, I believe that the role of the nurse manager in supporting evidence-based practice is under used and largely passive. If nurse managers were given the opportunity to support their clinical nursing staff as they were meant to be, I believe the results could be more fruitful, which would lead to nurses with stronger critical thinking skills and patients who receive high quality EBP patient care.

Original Question: How would a nurse practitioner and a nurse manager differ with regard to how they use and incorporate EBP in their areas of practice?

Reference no: EM132279989

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