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The subject will be (the immigration and the international students)

You are a researcher applying for a Fulbright grant to explore an issue or problem that you think is of vital importance to our world. Write a research design in order to explore the problem. In your research design you should identify a problem, develop a hypothesis, and create a logical plan for testing your hypothesis. Identify your variables, briefly discuss the most important literature on the topic, and describe how you plan to gather data to answer your main research questions. Discuss the strengths and weakness of your design, as well as any possible ethical issues that might arise.

• there are 2 website called ( Jaystore.com ) and (http://poll.orspub.com/ ) the name the second website is ( Polling the natios ) you need to cite from those websites some articles.]

The paper should be five pages long (not including cover page or bibliography), typed, and double-spaced. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style, size 12 font, Times New Roman script, and number your pages.

Reference no: EM131446881

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