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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing


There are new and exciting developments that are taking place in the Business Intelligence literature that is constantly shaping the use and implementation of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing tools and applications in organizations. The primary objective of this research project is to provide a forum for students to investigate the practice, approaches and understanding of business intelligence as it is being applied in the real world to realize organizational objectives. Some of the potential topics is:

• Emerging technology for real-time analytics

There are two deliverables to this project.

1. First is the Proposal. Your team will propose the BI application you have chosen in a no more than 5-minute presentation in class for feedback and approval by lecturer.

2. Final deliverable consists of presentation and a brief report. Presentation of your findings in this project would be of about 20-minute duration.

You will also submit a 9-10 pages report (about 3000 words not counting cover page and references) of this project. Team must also comment on the social, ethical, global, and legal considerations of this research topic, both from the organizational as well as consumer perspective.

At least 15 references in your report must be from peer-reviewed sources. Include any and all sources of information including any person(s) you interviewed for this project.

Please note that all references must adhere to APA style. See http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01 and http://www.apastyle.org/ for details on how to format a report and how to cite references.

1. Depth of research to illustrate the BI application chosen

2. Quality of reference provided

3. Quality of overall team presentation

4. Quality of report writing.

A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please read through the assessment criteria very carefully.

Reference no: EM13832960

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