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Research Paper Guidelines

For the research paper , the following components should be there.

1. A description of the research question. Why is this question important? A brief description of how this research question will be addressed in the paper.

2. Some background related to the research question. Based on your reading (research), what is generally known about the research question. This is the section where literature related to the research question is reviewed.

3. A description of the methodology (case analysis / data collection / literature survey etc.) used to address the research question.

4. A description of the results.

5. Conclusion. How well has the research question been answered. Summarize what you have found out. Indicate what else can be done about this research topic.

6. There should be a list of references at the end of the paper . In the body of the text, the papers should be referenced with first author's name and the publication year e.g. (Richardson, 1998).

Here are some examples of how references may be listed.

1. Nissen H.W., W. M.A. Jeusfeld, M. Jarke, G.V. Zemanek, and H. Huber, "Managing Multiple Requirements Perspectives with Metamodels," IEEE Software , Volume 13, no. 3, 1996, pp. 37­48.

2. Hoque, F., "e­Enterprise, Business Models, Architecture and Components," Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K., 2000.

3. Schneider, G. and J. Perry, "Electronic Commerce," Course Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2000.

7. Use tables and figures liberally.

8. The paper should not exceed 10 pages 1.5 spaced 10 point font (excluding references, figures, and tables).

Past Research Topics

The role of health information and data management in patient care
Personal activity monitors and health data regulations
Innovations in Healthcare Data Management
Challenges Surrounding Health IT Implementation
BYOD: How is it impacting Healthcare?
An examination of NoSQL databases in healthcare
XML Database Technology in Healthcare Informatics



Reference no: EM131158571

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