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Question: Matt works an 8 hour shift in a factory. His utility function is U(S, M) = S ^.2 M^8 (S to the .2 power and M to the .8 power) , where S is his hours in the day spent shirking and M is his daily income. For every hour of work, Matt is able to produce 2 units of output every hour he puts in effort (ie. does not shirk). Suppose Matt is offered a piece rate contract, where he earns $10 per unit of output he produces each day.

Draw a graph showing Matt's budget set and write out the equation for his budget line.

Calculate Matt's optimal time spent shirking, time spent working, and income under the piece rate contract described in part a. Suppose that Matt is offered a choice between the piece rate contract and a fixed hourly wage of $10. Assume there is no worker monitoring in place. Which will he choose? Use a calculation to show which choice he prefers.

Reference no: EM132200722

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Thomas McCraw, at the time a professor at the Harvard Business School, wrote: "Throughout American history, entrepreneurs have tried, sometimes desperately, to create big bu

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From the scenario for Katrina's Candies, assuming the absence of quantitative data, determine the qualitative forecasting techniques that could be used within this scenario.

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What will be the percent change in the quantity demanded of minimum wage work if the minimum wage is increased by 10%? Show your calculation - What are the total wages paid t

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Assume that Bob is only purchasing two products G and W. The market price of G is $25 and of W is $20. By spending all of his budgeted amount on these two items, he is maximiz

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Suppose the marginal product of labor is 8 and the marginal product of capital is 2. If the wage rate is $4 and the price of capital is $2, then in order to minimize costs the

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If boyh bid the same amount, the $100 is split evenly between them. assume that eac of them has only two $1 bills on hand, leaving three possible bids: $0, $1,or$2 Write out

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What is GIS and how is it related to Transportation Economics? What can GIS do to help transportation economists to save money? What impact might GIS have on future projects


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