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Write an essay proposing a solution to a problem. Choose a problem faced by a community or group and address your proposal to one or more members of the group or to outsiders who might help solve the problem.

Reference no: EM13792832

Create a brochure or flier of three community resources

Create a brochure or flier of at least three community resources that aid in English acquisition and/or serve immigrant families for your community or a chosen community.

How television both reflects culture and also manipulates it

How television both reflects culture, and also manipulates it.The role Hollywood films play in shaping the popular culture.The many aspects of popular culture in everyday life

Gender a critique of three journal articles about gender

Prepare a report on "Gender: A Critique of Three Journal Articles about Gender".  Steinpreis, R.E., Anders, K.A., & Ritzke, D. (1999).Impact of gender on the review of the Cur

Discuss about the post given below

here are four important factors that cause international migration flows: economic pressures; social networks and connections between migrant sending and receiving countries

Describe the alternative to incarceration available in state

In January 2015, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan signed two bills into law creating a special commission that would be responsible for "exploring alternatives to incarcerat

Do you think it would be morally permissible

Do you think it would be morally permissible to allow capital offenders (those who would receive a death sentence) to be the subject of involuntary medical experimentation?

What is affirmative action as a social policy

What is Affirmative Action as a social policy? What were the goals of Affirmative Action? Has it been successful? What are the basic arguments for Affirmative Action and wha

Action and character traits that impact western civilization

Choose any of the Roman emperors, and write a biographical sketch explaining what you see as his most notable actions and character traits that impacted Western civilization


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