Write key words for hardware associated with ehr systems
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1. Write key words for: Storage, input/output (I/O), network and other hardware associated with EHR systems.

2. Write own personal description for that key words of between 300-400 words. With reference APA style and without plagiarism.


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EHR Systems :

EHRsystem is highly used in hospitals and this isknown as electronic health record system. These systems are used to manage various regular activities in hospitals such as management of patients’ information such as medical history, treatments and diseases etc. Here we will discuss about some key words that are related to Electronic Health Record System.


EHR system stores patient’s medical history, diagnoses, immunization dates, radiology images and medications and treatment plans. This is very essential information that need to be stored appropriately. This system allows only authorized persons to access information from database to perform various work related activities.

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