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1. Here is a short program. It prints out the value of a variable "x". Ernie and Bert disagree about what will be printed: Ernie says, the value gets changed in "changeX" so it will print "7", and Bert says, no, when the function exits the changes get reversed and the value goes back to "5". Explain who is correct and why.

int x = 5;

void draw()







   int x = 7;


2. Write out pseudocode for a function called "and" that takes two arguments, both booleans, and returns the logical and of the inputs. DO NOT use the logical and operator: instead, write out if statements that cover the possibilities.

3. You are going to write a function that computes the total interest charged on a credit card before it is paid off. List all the inputs the function will need.

Part II: Programming.

4. Write a function that draws a cow at a certain location on the screen, and use the function to draw a herd of cows (at least 10).

5. Write a function that takes an array as the argument and returns the second largest element. Bonus (+5): Write a function that takes an array and a number n as arguments and returns the nth-largest element. (So if n=5, it returns the fifth largest.)

6. Write a function that computes f(x) for a quadratic polynomial in x, such as the one in assignment 3. Use the function to plot f(x) from -10 to +10.

7. Write a function to determine whether a number is prime: it will return true if the input is prime and false otherwise. Use it to see whether -7 is prime.

8. Create an array of Strings and fill it with some interesting text, such as vacation destinations, album names, or weapon names from a CRPG. Display three elements of the array on the screen at a time; allow the user to scroll through the list with keypresses (e.g., 'a' to advance the list, 's' to go back).

9. Write a function that takes in a number n and divides the screen into n vertical bars, alternating black and white. (What should you do if someone puts in n=0 or n=-99?)

10. Write a function that takes in a radius and evenly covers the screen with circles of that radius. Don't attempt to draw any circles that are completely off the screen.

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