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1. Suppose that if it is cloudy, the probability of rain is 0.3, and the probability of it being cloudy is 0.2. What is the probability that it is cloudy and raining?

Your answer must be precise to two decimal points.

2. The weight of a pumpkin is normally distributed with a mean of 10 kilograms and a standard deviation of 2.0 kilograms. There is a 75.17% chance that we would find a pumpkin that weighs more than what?

Write down the details of the solution

Reference no: EM132184419

Income inequality equitable

Should society attempt to equalize income or economic opportunities? Are the issues of equity and equality in the distribution of income synonymous? To what degree, if any, is

Equipment for businesses-require high-quality audio systems

At the beginning of the year, an audio engineer quit his job and gave up a salary of $175,000 per year in order to start his own business, Sound Devices, Inc. The new company

What percentage would the quantity demanded of corn decrease

Suppose that corn currently costs $4.00 per bushel and that wheat currently costs $3.00 per bushel. Also assume that the price elasticity of corn is 0.15, while the price elas

Loan and interest together at end of third year

Lets say that you borrow 1200 at 8% annual interest rate, compounded quartly, and plan to pay back the loan and interest together at the end of the third year. The sum to be

The difference between the brands was minimal

Twenty-five years ago, coffee was a commodity product. Coffee brands such as Maxwell House (“good to the last drop”) and Folger’s advertised on television, but the difference

Production technology-what is break-even price

Suppose you have a production technology that can be characterized by a learning curve. Every time you increase production by one unit, your costs decrease by $6. The first un

What are her economic profits and accounting profits

Jaynet spends $25,000 per year on painting supplies and storage space. She recently received two job offers from a famous marketing firm – one offer was for $105,000 per year,

Find optimal consumption bundle of gasoline and electricity

Suppose that the preferences a typical American has for quantities of electricity (E) and gasoline (G) is given by U(E,G) = a ln(E) + (1 - a) ln(G). If a = .75, find the optim


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