Write book review about running a thousadn miles for freedom

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Book review

Here is the book the that the review has to been done on. The instruction on how to write are attached. PLease follow Instructions.

The Book is titled "Running a Thousadns miles for Freedom" Author is William ans Ellen Craft.

Writing an Academic Book Review

Writing a proper academic book review may seem like a daunting task if you have never written one before. There is a good chance the book reviews for this course will be different in their scope and purpose than previous book reviews you may have written. The word count for the book reviews may seem short to some and long for others. The purpose of having a word count is to ensure students produce a well thought out, but concise book review.

There are two parts to an academic book review: Summary and Analysis. Every book review must have both of these parts in order to receive full credit.


- The summary will include a concise description of the central themes and events in the book.

- The central thesis and argument of the book will need to be identified. What it is the author trying to accomplish by writing the book. It is important to recognize that the thesis is different than the topic. The thesis can often be found in the introduction for the book.

- A good summary will also include several examples pulled directly from the book to support your commentary. These examples should not overwhelm the summary. Make sure you use proper citations when using a quote.

Summary Example

Satire is used in The Lorax, Dr. Seuss to portray the impact of big industry upon the environment. The author argues that unregulated industry and business inevitably have a detrimental effect on their surroundings. The Once-ler is a metaphor for big business and industry during the early twentieth century in that with the expansion of business the Thneed factory consumes all of the surrounding resources...


- The analysis is the crucial part of an academic book review. The analysis demonstrates your understanding and comprehension of the text as a whole.

- This is where you can say whether you agreed or disagreed with the argument/thesis. If the content of the book supported the argument and thesis. Problems in the book with the content or writing need to be mentioned in the analysis. Whether or not the sources for the book were valid.

- Examples must be included from the book to support all of the points made in the analysis. It is not acceptable to simply say; "The author proved his/her thesis in the book very well." You have to include examples for why the author was successful in proving their thesis.

- The analysis does not have to be a "positive" analysis of the book. If you did not like the book or if you think the author is incorrect in their argument, then say so, but you must be able to explain why the author is incorrect. Just because I assign a book does not mean I necessarily agree with the author, it only means that I recognize an educational value within the book. History is a discussion and it is continually refined and edited by the critique of different Historians, and Historians rarely all agree on the same arguments.

Analysis Example

Dr. Seuss's argument against the rise of big business does not carry the same importance in today's world of business. a changing business philosophy has emerged in the twenty-first century that recognizes the massive consumption of resources is a non-sustainable business practice...

Standard Format

- Minimum of 600 words/Maximum of 750 words
- Standard 1" Margins
- 12pt Font
- Times New Roman
- Double Spaced

Book Review File Name

- When you submit your Book Review the file name needs to be in a specific format.
- [Your Last Name]_[Author's Last Name for Book Reviewed]_[Class Section] 0 Ex: Lambert_Rauchway_5W055


- The book reviews follow a standard essay structure; Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

- Include your name and date at the top of the paper.

- Include the author's name and the title of the book at the top of the Book Review.

- Since there is only one book being used in this paper the only citations needed should be after quotations and paraphrased sections ("...I am the Lorax I speak for the trees" (4).). If you use an outside source you need to use Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

0 http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools citationguide.html

Final Thoughts

- The most important part of the book review is the content, but incorrect grammar and spelling will detract from the book review and may cause you to lose points.

- The Book Reviews will be submitted in their corresponding drop box.

Reference no: EM131174090

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