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The U.S. President Barack Obama said America can "win the future" by rebuilding its manufacturing sector (on June 8, 2011, after visiting an automotive training center at a community college in Virginia, outside Washington). Do you agree, and why?

It is also claimed that: "In today's economic and industrial environment, a systems approach to the design and operation of manufacturing and supply is more important than ever." Do you agree with this statement, and why?

Please base your discussion on your understanding of systems concepts and their relevance in our field of study. Where appropriate, use examples to illustrate your points.

Length and Structure

Number of pages: 4 ( including figures and pictures).

Please properly "section" your report, so that it follows the format of a typical technical report. For example:



Section 1 ....(presentation/discussion)

Section 2 ....(presentation/discussion)




You are encouraged to use illustrations to enhance your presentation and discussion in the report.

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