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As we learned in the first unit CQI is a process and in any process there are always negative and positive reactions. When any change happens in healthcare it is not one person making the decision it is usually a team of people who have come together and decided this is the best way to implement this process or procedure. Medical knowledge is always growing and changing so the application of that knowledge to clinical service delivery is limited by the effectiveness and efficiency of teams charged with putting that knowledge into practice (Sollecito & Johnson, 2013). There are always pros and cons to working with a team of people in any aspect; however when one person feels they are superior to others it can cause conflict and they forget what they are suppose to be bringing to the table. It is important for everyone in the team to be able to voice there opinions and then come up with a solution and resolve that would work for everyone.


The quality of healthcare can be defined "as doing the right thing for the right patient, at the right time, in the right way to achieve the best possible results." ( NCQA, n.d.). Knowing whether you are receiving this type of quality healthcare has progressed to the measuring of healthcare outcomes and reporting these results publicly so healthcare issues can be addressed (NCQA, n.d.). The measurements of healthcare are based on medical and scientific evidence with consideration of improving the health and life of the individual (NCQA, n.d.). Evidence shows little improvement over the years in safety and quality of care which has increased the need for continuous quality improvement (Jones & Bartlett, PowerPoint presentation, 2012).

Organizational culture plays an important part when creating teams for change. Organizational culture encompasses the values, beliefs, assumptions, myths, norms, goals and visions that are shared throughout an organization (Sollecito and Johnson, 2013). Strong cultures within a team show support, respect, open communication and have a shared spirit among the members (Sollecito and Johnson, 2013). It is important that members share a similar culture and share the same goals because it allows everyone to contribute their expertise and experience into the process without reserve. This allows the team to be receptive to the concerns and ideas of the group and agree upon the best process for change. Will they always be right the first time? No, that's why we call it Continuous Quality Improvement.

Organizational learning is also an important factor when implementing continuous quality improvement. It is dedicated to continuously staying up to date with new information and implementing changes based on new findings. Organizational learning also comes from sharing knowledge that improves performance within a team as well as the organization as a whole. It is open to new ideas by seeking advice from experts and the perceptions of those within the team. This new information can be shared within a team to influence the team's behavior to help them achieve better outcomes for change (Sollecito and Johnson, 2013).


After doing my research I found on the website National Committee for Quality Assurance, there was only one plan with excellent ratings for the state of Texas. (Health Plan Report Card, updated March, 31 2015) The health plan with excellent ratings was Scott and White Health Plan. The only one to get 4 out of 5 stars was "living with illness" the rest all had 5 stars. Even the overall accreditation ratings were excellent. I feel that health plan report cards are valuable because you know what you are investing your money into. It also allows you to see information concerning certain ratings and information that may not be provided to you by the company unless you ask about it. Before seeing this i would have never imaged only having one health plan in the State of Texas would have an excellent rating. Then to know that Scott and White Health Plan has a location in the city of Temple, Texas where i reside is amazing.


1. Well the first thing that stands out would be the television. Televisions didn't really start appearing in homes until the 1950's. Also, a computer in my workroom would not have been real common since those didn't really exist 100 years ago either.

2. The computer and television certainly have made my life easier but I have always had a television so it is difficult to say what life would be like without it. Computers make almost everything possible and most of us carry little computers around with us now called smart phones.

3. Technology can negatively impact my life when a computer system crashes, or a company is hacked. Sadly the technology that has made our lives easier can instantly create havoc once a hacker destroys our account, etc.

4. Technology will continue to make life and our planet a better place. From convenient apps on our smart phones, to locating parking in a busy city there are apps on our phones that increase our efficiency. I do believe that we are just years away from our cars actually driving us to a set destination. The technology already exists but it would require some major changes to our road system.

5. I researched the American Institute of Medical Sciences and Education website for my research. The health care industry has certainly been impacted in a positive way from the electronic health records and online web based medical records that are accessible to most patients (Banova, 2013). This technology continually improves and reduces down time from the archaic old-school ways of physically transferring files back and forth from different offices (Banova, 2013). This technology has increased patient safety and reduced health care costs. In the information age it only makes sense that our medical records are just a click or app away from viewing.

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