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Recycle Assignment

Recycling is an important part of helping our environment. In this assignment, you will identify things that you can or are doing to promote good stewardship of the environment by recycling.

Shawnee County is collecting recyclable items as part of the trash pick up. Identify what Shawnee Country will pick up to recycle.

The seven items listed below are not picked up by Shawnee County for recycling. Identify place in Topeka (and/or your community) where the items listed below can be recycled or disposed of without harming the environment. Locations may be an address or next to some business or a business name etc. Recycling some items can cost you money while other items can pay you money. Indicate a cost or benefit when applicable.

Plastic Bags

Metal: copper, aluminum (not cans), iron and other metals
E-waste: cell phones, computers, TVs, DVD players, printers etc.

Printer ink cartridges

Hazardous waste: paint, oil, household chemicals, insect & weed sprays

Wood and yard waste: trees, lumber, grass clippings, tree limbs etc.

Compact florescent bulbs and florescent tubes

Recycling has a purpose: Indicate what is done with the recycled items that Shawnee County will pick up and the also seven items above.
What is made from this recycled material?

Write an essay on how You can or are able to recycle. You do not have to recycle all the items listed above, simply indicate what you can or are doing now while in school. This essay is an important part of this assignment.

The essay must be written with complete sentences (no email or texting format).

The assignment is to be typed and done on 8.5x1 1 paper or it can be done as a chart (no posters, over sized paper or construction paper).

Reference no: EM131255802

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