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1- "On most campuses, instructors have the right to pursue, teach, and discuss ideas without restriction. This principle is called academic freedom. Do you think that instructors should have academic freedom, or do you believe that this principle should be restricted? For example, are there any subjects or ideas an instructor should not be allowed to discuss? Write a definition argument in which you define academic freedom and take a position on this issue.

2- Many colleges require students to perform community service before they graduate. Do you think that college students should have to do community service? Before you begin your argument, find a definition of the term community service. Be sure your argument focuses on the definition of this term.

3- Take detailed notes about the food and service in your campus cafeteria. Then, write an argumentative essay in which you rate the cafeteria as excellent, good, bad, or poor. Keep in mind that you are presenting operational definitions of these terms (see p.401) and that you will have to explain the factors you examined to form your assessment.

Reference no: EM13820803

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