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Write a 600 word essay about Deborah's life, she was a Judge in the bible. This is for a Biblical Lit class. This is my first year in college so this need to look like a 17 year old wrote it very basic stuff Teacher also uses a site to make sure the essay is original.

1) Be before 922BC, when Solomon died, and where our semester ends.

2) Somehow be related to something covered in the lectures or text, BUT not talked about specifically in our lectures. Basically, I want this paper to be about something historical that will add to your knowledge of the time and place we are covering.

3) NOT be about an event, that is another EC assignment.

Length : 600 words.

Reference no: EM131365762

Proposal and websites would be beneficial

Finding information to support my topic proposal & websites would be beneficial if someone could give me a few that would help me provide information and sources for my paper.

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