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- Please write an essay about any topic related to Asia.

- The topic should be related to the broader canvas of Asia in the New Global Disorder.

- The intention is that the essays should be in the form of an assessment of an issue and providing an opinion on forces, implications, prospects.

- The aim is to outline a deep and holistic understanding of the forces driving Asia which in turn are driving 21stcentury globalisation.

- The essay should be between 900 and 1200 words


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Asia is the largest continent on Earth and is one of the most popular continents. Even though Asia covers only 8.7% of the planet’s total surface area, the continent occupies 30% of the planet’s total land area making it the largest continent on the earth. The continent is not only famous for its largest size, but also for the varied human population that resides in it.

The continent sustains almost 60% of the world population i.e. approximately 4.4 billion people. The Asian continent consists of many developing and developed countries such as India, Japan, China, Russia etc. The continent has been ranked on the second position, after Europe, on the basis of its nominal GDP whereas it has the largest purchasing power parity.

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