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Your second writing assignment will be to write an email message to your supervisor, Dr. Richard Johnson, updating him on the revised instructions.

The Scenario for This Assignment

You have just rewritten the instructions on how to change the settings for discussions in LEO. If you recall from writing assignment #1, you were assigned this task by your supervisor, Dr. Richard Johnson, Dean of the Undergraduate School at Anderson College.

You are now going to send an email message to Dr. Johnson. The email message will accomplish the following:

Inform him that you have completed the revision and that you are attaching the revised draft to the email message.

List and explain the changes you have made

o Select at least three major changes you have made. You don't want to list for him each and every adjustment you made to the document.

You might consider grouping changes. For example, if you made one graphic larger and another graphic smaller, you might group this into one change-adjustment in the size of the graphics.o Explain why you made these changes.

End the email message in a cordial manner, asking for any feedback he has on your draft.

Strategies to Consider for this Assignment:

Consider your audience. Your primary audience is Dr. Johnson. Remember that his colleague, Dr. Lynn Peterson, who is Dean of the Graduate School at Anderson, was working with him on this project and is very interested in the document you produce. Therefore, Dr. Peterson can be considered secondary audiences.

Length and format of your message:

Your message should be 250-400 words in length. Dr. Johnson is a busy administrator, and he will not want to read a long email message with a huge amount of text. You want to communicate to him the information in a concise, clear manner.

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