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Assignment: Processing Log Files of a Computer Management System


On successful completion of this assignment you should have demonstrated that you are able to:

  • Write a program consisting of multiple objects which interact with each other by following appropriate design practices
  • Write a program that provides the requested functionality for the system
  • Implement classes which have generalization relationships with other classes
  • Utilise polymorphism and abstraction techniques
  • Utilise appropriate collection classes from Java's Collections API in appropriate ways/places
  • Read data from and write data to text files
  • Handle exceptions by constructing try ... catch blocks for appropriate circumstances

Overview of Assignment-

This assignment requires you to write an application that meets a list of provided functional and design requirements, utilising the concepts and techniques taught in this course. You will write your own classes that will create a text-menu based program for the user to control the operation.

You will be required to develop your application using Java (preferably in the Eclipse IDE). You will need to add all your work to a zip file when you are finished and submit it on Moodle by the due date. You will also need to submit a report which will require some written information describing your system as well as addressing design and testing requirements which will be outlined below. Please write this supporting documentation clearly and IN YOUR OWN WORDS (plagiarism is NOT acceptable - refer to Course Description).

Tasks to Complete-

Task-1: Plan your program

Consider the functional and additional design requirements, and determine which classes you will need to implement. In the Word document, write a short description of the role/purpose of each class that you have in your program - please sort them in alphabetic order by class name.

Task-2: Code a functioning program that addresses the behavioural and additional design requirements

Write the classes that you have determined are needed to make a functioning program. You should aim to write code following high quality coding practices that have been taught in this course this semester - including comments, catching checked and potential exceptions and exhibiting good design where code is separated into separate methods.

Task-3: Ensure all supplementary documentation is complete.

Go through your Word document and make sure that everything required to be included, has actually been included and is complete.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131066022

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